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Deadline for applications for ITM Poland - Work Safety In Industry Exhibition, it’s come up! Get to know the reasons why you should take it now!

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We kindly invite you to visit Poznań International Fair! Here you will find business contacts, novelties and the chance to develop your passions. In the latest issue of Poznan Fair Magazine "Exhibition calendar 2017" we present trade fair events, organized by the International Fair for almost all industries.

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We kindly invite you to read the latest issue of "Poznań Fair Magazine". We invite you particulary to read about the GOLDEN MARKETING CONFERENCE, which take place in November. The main topic of this year conference will be neuromarketing, innovation and personalization. PMT readers’ interested in participation in the conference can take adventage of special discount.

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Work Safety in Industry Exhibition

Next edition of Work Safety in Industry Exhibition: 6-9.06.2017

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